With the popularity and development of Smart Home, more and more household appliances which have been intelligentized are entering into our life, especially in the field of home lighting. Such products like smart light bulbs have been very popular, continuously enhancing our life quality. However, these products only have one single function and take much space on our phone. The WeChat smart lights solution developed by Wi-linktech Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has well solved these problems. Apart from the traditional lighting function, it can also realize the adjustment of brightness and color temperature. One of the most wonderful advantages of the solution is that no APP is needed, the only tool needed is scanning provided by WeChat.

Why Do We Need Wechat Smart Lights

  • No APP is needed, WeChat along can realize all the control
  • No bother to seek the remote control in the darkness, smartphones are always at your elbow
  • Being compatible to smartphones and pads with various systems
  • Sharing the control rights with the guests when they come to visit

Functions of WeChat Smart Lights

  • Controlling the brightness, color temperature and scene mode of the smart lights using the remote control and WeChat
  • Timing to turn on/off lights
  • Control of the smart lights can be shared and recovered by super users at any time
  • Changing the name of the smart lights at your will
  • Alerting when the smart light is off connection
  • Supporting custom profiles

Cloud Service Diagram of WeChat Smart Lights

WeChat users and smart light devices are connected to WLT Cloud through the router. Users can control the lights with the services provided by WLT Cloud.

WeChat Smart Lights Hardware Block Diagram

By using WLT8266, the host can realize the control of 2.4G remote control module, PWM dimming, Wi-Fi communication and other functions, reducing the overall cost of the solution.

Focusing On the Strongest Areas and Complementing With Each Other

Based on the one-stop intelligent solution provided by WLT, manufacturers only need to focus on their strongest areas. Their jobs is to maximize the quality of the hardware, make the products more competitive and provide users with a better experience.

Overall design

The overall design of the system is divided into the device side and the server side. The server side supports the communication between users and devices. The device side provides the connection between the device and LED lights. The system’s overall level diagram is as follows:

The Server Side

The server side includes the following two systems:

WeChat Service System:

The system provides WeChat services aimed for users. It includes three subsystems: basic logic services of WeChat, UI controlled by HTML5, and hardware equipment service.
Message Service System:

The system supports the delivery of control messages and connects the server side with the device side. It also supports the message transmission between different subsystems.
The device control service is designed to be independent of WeChat services. That is, the device system and WeChat basic functions are separate systems. And the massage service is used to transfer data between control service and other services. In this way, the stability of the entire system is secured and it’s easier to maintain various subsystems.

The Device Side

The device side includes three systems divided by functions: 

Cloud Service Connection System:

It provides the connection between the device and the server, including message service connection and WeChat service connection. The device connects with WeChat control side through accessing message service, and connects with WeChat server through accessing WeChat service.

PWM Control System:

The control message between users and the device will be sent to this system to control the brightness and color temperature of the corresponding LED light. Besides, among other functions, this system provides responses related to the state of the device side, and smoothes the process of the increase of PWM output.

2.4G Wireless Control System:

In addition to WeChat control, the device side also allows controlling by the traditional remote control. This system mainly provides the traditional control of LED lights and synchronization of WeChat control.

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